Millennium Window Lisronagh

Millennium Window

Fire A symbol of God's presence & call
Rocks / Stones A symbol of Christ`s resolute faith & strength
Wheat A symbol of communion & the Last Supper
Water A symbol of Baptism & salvation
Sun A symbol of the light of God


Dove in the form of a Chalice is a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

The Chalice is a symbol of Christian fellowship.

The Dove has become a universal symbol of Peace, Love & Unity.

In this design the ascending Dove brings a message of
Peace, Love & Unity into the sun rise of a new millennium.


Blue Love, Peace & Harmony in the heavenly body
Red Blood of the Martyrs. Faithful & Sacrificing
Orange Happiness & Energy
Yellow Colour of Rejoicing - Hope & Divinity
Pine Colour of Love, Truth & Kindness
White Colour of Innocence of the Soul, Purity & Holiness of Life
Green Colour of Spring. Triumph life over death
Grey A blend of divine light of creation & the darkness of sin & death

Parish Projects

  • Powerstown Graveyard Project

    The parish Graveyard Project allows you to search and view the graves in Powerstown cemetery, including headstone images and a mapping of the graveyard.

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  • Powerstown Church Bicentenary 1810-2010, A Commemorative History

    This book is the collaborative endeavour by several parishioners, who covered a variety of topics, ranging from the geographical to the historical aspects of the parish.

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